Let's start with the basics.

The Six Month Smiles® Short Term Ortho System provides General Dentists with a cosmetic, practical and turn-key solution for adults with crooked, misaligned or spaced teeth. Utilizing unique clear brackets and tooth colored wires, the system allows GPs to easily help their adult patients who think that they are "stuck" if they refuse traditional orthodontic treatment.

Custom Bonding Trays

Our bracket specialists will position the brackets for you in the custom indirect bonding trays. This makes bracket placement remarkably easy, efficient and stress free. The bonding trays are then packaged into the Six Month Smiles® Patient Tray Kit.
“I love Six Month Smiles®. I thought ortho was a mystery but not with
Six Month Smiles®. I tried aligners and got fair results. The results with
Six Month Smiles® are great. It is as advertised; a simple to incorporate, dummy proof system, and it works. Six Month Smiles® has been a game changer for my practice and my career!”.

Dr. Dale Hardy Cornerstone Dentistry


Brackets & Wires

Clear brackets and tooth colored shape-memory wires are specifically engineered for optimum and predictable results, while providing the patient with the most cosmetically appealing option available.

Patient Tray Kit (PTK)

The Patient Tray Kit™ is customized for each patient and has all of the disposable materials you will need to treat your patient. This includes the Six Month Smiles® brackets, wires and much more.
"Trying to rotate and straighten teeth with aligners had become increasingly frustrating. It was just unpredictable, and my cases just kept going on and on... With Six Month Smiles®, I have more control over the tooth movement.”

Dr Kent Smith 21st Century Dental