The more cases you submit, the more rewards you unlock!


How It Works:

Your current status is based on the number of cases you submitted in 2017. Keep submitting cases in 2018 to enjoy your status through 2019. You’ll receive an email with an update on your status every time we ship you a case.

The FSP is an annual program that resets every January 1st, making December 31st the last possible date you can submit a case to be counted toward your 2018 status. Each year when the program resets, eligible Providers at all statuses will receive a discount on the 4th and 13th case submitted in that calendar year.




Frequent Smiler Statuses:

Look for an email after we ship you a case that shows your status progression through the year and what your current status is.


Your status will be adjusted automatically every time you reach a new status. Here is a breakdown of the statuses:



1-3 Cases
4th Case is 50% OFF, Silver Status on Website, Forum Support, Jump Start Webinars, Advanced Level Webinar, Social Media/Web Videos.


4-12 Cases
13th Case is FREE, Gold Status on Website with preferred placement, Forum Support, Jump Start Webinars, Advanced Level Webinar, Social Media/Web Videos.


13-24 Cases
15% OFF ALL CASES, Platinum Status on Website with preferred placement, Platinum Provider Plaque, Forum Support, Jump Start Webinars, Advanced Level Webinar, Social Media/Web Videos.


25+ Cases
20% OFF ALL Cases, up to 10 T-shirts for your team, Elite Status on Website with preferred placement, Elite Provider Plaque, Forum Support, Jump Start Webinars, Advanced Level Webinar, Social Media/Web Videos.



Terms & Conditions: Frequent Smiler Program discounts on cases cannot be combined with other discount programs (High 6 Club). The greater of the two discounts will be applied. Only cases submitted online will receive FSP discounts.

Your status and discounts are determined by the total number of Standard and/or CONFIDEX™ cases submitted January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018. The 4th and 13th case discounts will automatically be applied to cases submitted online and can only be used within the program calendar year. Your status level may change in the event of a case cancellation. Some rewards/discounts may not be available in your market.