Online Digital Case Submission.




How do I submit a case (retainer or PTK)?

Login to the Provider Resource Center (PRC), and select the “Submit A Case” button. Or you can watch the step-by-step demonstration videos here:



I don’t have (or forgot) my PRC login credentials. 

You can reset your PRC password on the Provider Resource Center login page. If you don’t have PRC credentials, you can register by clicking here.


Will I still send in PVS impressions or can I upload digital scans from my I/O scanner?

Six Month Smiles now has the ability to accept digital scans. You can upload the files when submitting your case on the PRC.


Can I ship multiple cases with one FedEx shipping label?

You must complete separate online case submissions for each unique case. However, you may ship multiple cases using one shipping label. To do this, choose "FedEx shipping label" for one of your cases and choose “my own” shipping method for each subsequent case. Please ensure that the impressions are clearly marked and that each case has a script and commercial invoices (if outside the US).


Can I save a case and return later?

Once the patient name is entered, a new case is created and automatically saved. Please note, there is not a save button, as the case is automatically saved once you begin filling out the prescription online.


How do I change/update shipping address? 

On the shipping address screen, you can add/update a new location.  You will not be able to remove/modify an existing address.


How do I remove a billing/shipping address? 

Contact the Customer Experience team at


Is my credit card information secure?

Six Month Smiles follows standard 128 bit internet encryption. We do not store your credit card info into our system. You will therefore be required to enter a valid credit card with each case/ order.


Can I pay with a check, bank draft, money order, or IOUs?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept these types of payment. Credit Cards only.


Can I pay in my own currency?

Six Month Smiles transactions are performed only in USD.


System does not accept my PTK voucher/coupon.

Please make sure you are entering the serial number found on the bottom right hand corner of your voucher. If this still does not work, please contact Customer Experience at


How do I check a case status?

Click the “Check Case Status” button in the PRC.


What documents should I submit with my case?

Domestic (North America): FedEx shipping label & Order/script.  Outside the US: FedEx shipping label, Order/script AND Commercial Invoice. There will be an icon for each of these during the online case submission process.


I can’t print the FedEx inbound shipping label.

Check your printer. You can attempt to print multiple times. Note that the FedEx label will auto-update the tracking number. Please ensure that you use the latest/most recently created FedEx shipping label to send in your case. If you still are unable to print after multiple tries, call Customer Experience 866-957-7645 (US), 001 585 594 0606 (International)


What is the “Medical Reference” number (aka Chart number) and is it required to submit a case?

This is a field for your internal office use to uniquely identify your patient. Not required by Six Month Smiles.


How do I order tools and supplies with my case?

You can order supplies separately from our Tools & Supplies site through the PRC or by e-mailing If you would like to place an order to be shipped back with a case, please specify the items you would like in the ‘Special Request’ section of the online case submission form.


What if I want marketing materials shipped back with my case?

Please specify the marketing collateral you need in the “Special Requests” section of the online case submission form.


I followed the standard prescription, but the prescription table is blank.

The displayed prescription options only note deviations from the script. A blank table therefore indicates standard Six Month Smiles script.


Can I use my own shipping method/vendor to submit cases to Six Month Smiles?

Yes. Select "I want to use my own shipping method" when submitting the case.


Can I expedite a case?

Six Month Smiles uses FedEx 2 day shipping as standard (domestic) and priority international (outside the US). Overnight shipping is available within the United States only.



Please contact us with any additional questions. , 866-957-7645 (US), 001 585 594 0606 (International)